Screen Capture Result table content

Is their a way to expand the result table columns so you can see data without user interaction, then take a screen capture of the table as an image?
Saving the results to .cvs or .xls format will not help.

I don’t understand why saving as csv wouldn’t help if you want to keep your data, but here’s a python script that maximizes your “Results” window and takes a screenshot:

from ij import IJ, WindowManager
from java.awt import Frame

frame = WindowManager.getFrame("Results")
frame.setExtendedState(Frame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH)"Capture Screen", "")

Thanks for the script. The result table has my data final calculations therefore I do not need the data anymore. I wanted to present the result using a semi formated table. The result table offer that so I thought a screen shot of it will be good enough…
I am not familiar with python but I think I can implement your idea within a macro. Thanks again

It’s as easy as opening the script editor, pasting the code, choosing Language > Python and clicking the Run button.

Of course, you can use any other scripting language, but I’m afraid the IJ1 macro language will not give you the level of control to maximize any frame on the screen for example.