Scikit-image regionprops and regionprops_table questions

I’m trying to get a list of properties of images using the regionprops function, but it seems that the function always return a full list of properties.

the question is how do I know which properties are 2d only, and which are for both 2d and 3d?

For example, if my input image is 3d, and when calling region[0].eccentricity I get an error saying eccecntricity is not implemented …

Also, another question is that, when I specify ‘convex_image’ property in the regionprops_table function for a 3d image, I get a qhull error

scipy.spatial.qhull.QhullError: QH6013 qhull input error: input is less than 3-dimensional since all points have the same x coordinate    0

I have no idea on why the error occurs and how I can fix it… any help would be much appreciated


Unfortunately this is not well documented yet. You can find out using a for-loop that tries them all, as demonstrated here:

That code also demonstrates how to try and catch the error when you don’t know ahead of time which properties you want.

Still to-do is to do this in the scikit-image documentation to make sure it stays up to date…

This can happen when all the points in your image lie on a plane. Annoyingly it shouldn’t have to stop the computation but it does, and there’s little to do on the scikit-image side… I would suggest filtering those regions ahead of time, before calling regionprops_table.