SciJava-parallel Error

I am trying to use FIJI on my universities HPC. To do that I am using the HPC Workflow Manager which requires Scijava-parallel > Paradigms Profile Manager to be set up. I was able to access this prior to updating FIJI but now I get the following error message:

'parallelService' is required but unset

The console Error reads as follows:

[ERROR] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Required service is missing: org.scijava.parallel.ParallelService
Context: org.scijava.Context@285865ff

This might likely be a version skew, introduced by recent updates to the core SciJava components in Fiji, and an outdated SciJava-parallel update site.

I’m tagging @koz01, the maintainer of scijava-parallel, as he might know how to fix it. (It might be as easy as bumping the parent to pom-scijava-30.0.0 in the project’s pom.xml and recompiling, I don’t know…)

Thanks @imagejan Hope to hear from @koz01 soon