Scale to DPI missing




I just ran the AutoUpdater for FIJI, and now the ‘Scale to DPI’ macro is missing under Image>adjust>…
However, in the Updater I still find the ‘Scale to DPI’ plugin when I search for it.
ImageJ shows as version 2.0.0-rc-68/1.52e

I fear that I am missing something here. How could I make the ‘Scale to DPI’ command executable again?


I also notice that all other plugins in the path plugins > Scripts > Image are not visible as menu commands (i.e. Set_Color_By_Wavelength in Color and Temporal-Color_Code.ijm in Hyperstacks).

I tried moving the Scale_to_DPI.js file in the plugins folder, without success (I always restarted FIJI inbetween).

Also, in case it’s of importance, I’m operating on macOS.

In Windows, ‘Scale to DPI’ is working. The problem seems to be macOS related.