SBEMimage would like to join as a community partner

Dear @team,

SBEMimage is an open-source Python/PyQt application to control complex acquisitions with scanning electron microscopes, in particular for serial block-face imaging.

We published and released the software in 2018 under the MIT License. It is now being used in six EM facilities, and several other labs/facilities are currently setting it up and testing it on their setups. Since 2019, other developers have joined to extend SBEMimage’s functionality.

Until now, SBEMimage users have mostly communicated directly with me for feedback, questions, and feature suggestions. Since the user base is steadily increasing, I see the need for a well-maintained forum to discuss everything SBEMimage-related. A while ago, I created a Google Group for that, but it has not been used yet, and I would delete it if SBEMimage finds a home on

The forum was suggested to me as a suitable place for discussion and support, and I’d be glad if SBEMimage could join as a community partner. I’ve put a link to the forum on the GitHub readme page and into the user guide. As lead developer, I could be the representative for SBEMimage on the Community Forum Team.

Please let me know if SBEMimage could join as a community member and what additional steps would need to be taken.





All we really need to finish the process is an icon for your project. Do you have one you can share with us here?

You have met all the other requirements for becoming a CP on our FAQ page. And I’m assuming I can add you as the active representative on the Community Forum Team?

Once we have the icon - I can finish setting you up! :slight_smile:

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I will use this icon for now:


But let me know if you want to update it. Then we can easily edit…

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I actually finished adding you as a CP. So again…

  1. You - @btitze - have been added as a Community Partner team member.

  2. Please check that the icon above is ‘ok’ for use here. Otherwise - let me know.

  3. Let me know if you are ‘ok’ with the language I used for your sidebar: Tag sidebar: SBEMimage

Welcome to the Community!!!

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@etadobson: Icon and sidebar text are fine with me!

Many thanks! I’m looking forward to spending more time on! :slight_smile: