Saving Temporary Images



Is there a way to save the outlined object images produced by the IdentifyPrimAutomatic module. I have played with the options of the module and able to save both the identified object image and outlined image (but it doesn’t show the original image in the background). I want to save the images in which the objects recognized are circled in green and the one not circled in red. Although I can save those manually but I would like to save it for every cycle just like the save Image module does.
Is it also possible to save the colored images produced by the align module



Hello Parminder,
Indeed, there is a way to save the outlines from IdentifyPrimAutomatic. You can name the outlines by answering the question, “What do you want to call the outlines of the identified objects (optional)?”. Then, just add both the OverlayOutlines and the SaveImages modules.



The overlay outline module does not let you save the coloured boundary seen in the image produced by the IdentifyPrime module. My objects are bright in a dark background and using both options (Maximum for image or maximum possible for image format) for setting the tone of the outline for grayscale images doesn’t do much help. Is is possible to use a specified color for the boundary even for grayscale images.

Thanks for the help


We are currently working on this issue, where color outlines can be saved on grayscale images. We will let you know when this modification has been added.




So I tried using the module gray to color and inputed the same image for all the three channels (Red, Green and Blue) and fed the resulting image (which was still in grayscale) into the overlay outline module and obtained the desired colored outline on the objects identical to the one produced by the IdentifyPrim module.

Hope this is alternative to getting a color outline on objects for gray scale images until CP has the built in functionality for this



Thanks for letting us know!