Saving subplots

Hello all

I have a question about how to save subplot automatically in CellProfiler. Can we save the subplots automatically exactly as they appear in the during the analyzing the pictures instead of going to the test mode and save them manually by choosing the each step’s result window .So normally they are save as pdf file.

I hope I am clear , I am waiting for your precious answers.

PS: I tried to upload the example but I there is problem sorry.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save figure display windows automatically at this time. We looked into implementing this ( but it’s not high on our priority list.

This would be actually extremely useful and time saving , I wish there was a way to do that. It would be just save all those subplots and see later which resulting image have a problem

Ah, you know - there might have been a misunderstanding here: many of the results that are displayed in windows can be saved to image files.

You would use the SaveImages module which in addition to saving processed images produced by many modules, can also save outlines or objects.

But it is indeed true that a few of the modules include processing steps that are displayed but not given a name within the module and thus cannot be saved using SaveImages.