Saving results from cell counter plugin. - a bug?


I hope you all had a nice holiday.
I have 2 questions about the cell counter plugin.

I would like to save the results you get from clicking ‘measure’ button after counting the cells with the ‘cell counter’ plugin.

Specifically, I need the XY information of each cell’s coordinate for the further analysis with MATLAB.
Before (I guess 1-2 years ago?), I used to save it with the “save as” button or just simply by command+S, but when I tried it recently, the csv file I got was empty (zero byte).
I’ve tried several other methods but the only way that I could save it was manually copy-and-paste the results.
So my question is,

  1. Is this bug happen to other users, and are there any solutions for it?
  2. Is there any method to batch process saving results (including XY coordinate) from multiple xml files produced from “save markers” of cell counter plugin? each xml files are from different images.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,