Saving path fills for volume analysis

I am very happy with how SNT allows me to manually add “dendritic spines” to a dendrite, with each listed as a separate path. I have been able to fill out each individual spine with the “fill out”, and set a threshold, and I can even do all the spines at once. However, if I do them all at once I can’t get/export separate volumes for each spine. Anyone have a way to do this? Doing each of hundreds of spines separately is not feasible.
I was thinking of trying to make a macro that would go through each path and fill it, but with all the button pressing it requires its not straightforward.

Thanks for any help anyone has.

Added the FIJI tag so that the question would be sorted into what I think is the correct forum.

@Georgina_Aldridge, do you still need help with this? There would be multiple ways to achieve this. The easiest one is to simple call the Path Manager commands as you would normally do by point-and-click. Here is an example in python, that you can run from Fiji’s script editor:

# @SNTService snt
# @UIService ui

if not (snt.getUI() and snt.getUI().isReady()):
    ui.showDialog("Script cannot run in current state: UI not ready", "Error")
    fm = snt.getUI().getFillManager()
    pm = snt.getUI().getPathManager()
    pm.runCommand("Fill Out...")

(Assumes that you have loaded both the spine image and the traced paths, and that you have SNT running)