Saving multi-C images with SCIFIO so that ImageJ1 can open them

Hi all,

I am currently working on a pure ImageJ2 plugin for Fiji.

At some point I save a 2-channel images as TIFF using SCIFIO, or more precisely, the DatasetIOService. Here is the saving snippet:

private DatasetIOService ioService;
final Path destination = Paths.get( saveFolder, outputTpName + ".tif" );
{ outputTpDataset, destination.toString() );
catch ( final IOException e )

It turns out this image cannot be opened directly by IJ1. I get the following error:

This image can be opened by Icy or via BioFormats.

If I try to save a single channel image (just XY), it works. It can be opened properly by IJ1.

How can I configure SCIFIO so that it generates a XYC tiff file I can open in ImageJ?

Here is the image in question: