Saving merged images as tiffs but they are grey - HELP!


I am trying to merge two images (dap and tritc) to give a composite image. I have edited brightness and contrast on each images and then merged the two together using image - colour - merge channels. I am happy with my image (although the dapi has changed shade somewhat) and then when I save the image, it saves as a greyscale tiff. How do I save as a coloured tiff?
Many thanks

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Hi @mbxts,
I think that just after the merge you have to pass them to rgb type, from menu : Image->Type->RGB
then save.


Hi, same problem here… when I save the image in tiff, it saves as greyscale, but if I save in JPEG it’s in colour…

Did you go to the Fiji menu and did what @emartini said? That is to change the image type to RGB prior to saving it as tif?