Saving MeasureObjectNeighbor window

Hiya. When showing the step “MeasureObjectNeighbors”, cells are coloured by # of neighbors, with a scale next to it. However, when saving the image the scale is not there. Is there a possibility to save the window of the step in the pipeline? Or export the scale together with the image when saving it?


Copy1NC.tiff (12.0 MB)


Unfortunately, the scale bar is part of the display window, not the image itself, so it can’t be saved; there’s also no way to programmatically save a display window every run through a pipeline (just the save button up by the zoom that you can use for individual cycles in test mode). It’s something we can re consider adding in a future CellProfiler 4 release, but unlikely to be released in the near future, sorry!

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
It would be great to have the scale together with the image.