Saving in uncompressed format

Hello, I am using ImageJ 1.50b. I need to use this version as a lot of the plugins I am using seem to not compile and run properly when trying to use other updated versions (i.e. ImageJ2).

My problem is when I try to save a 32-bit image. I would like to save it in a lossless format that I can easily throw in to a powerpoint presentation or journal article. However, when I try to save as PNG, it converts it to 8-bit. I have tried a 16 bit PNG writer plugin for ImageJ, it helps, but the image is still degraded with respect to the original.

Any advice? Thank you.

If you let us know which plugins are having issues, I’m sure someone on this forum will be able to solve your problems. ImageJ2 aims to be 100% compatible with earlier versions via its legacy layer. I really recommend to try using Fiji, which includes both ImageJ 1.51c and ImageJ2.

There are only few formats that support 32-bit (floating point) per channel. PNG, according to the info on wikipedia only supports up to 16-bit per channel, so you’ll have to go with a format like TIFF, OME-TIFF or HDF5 if you want to keep 32-bit.

Powerpoint will display your image with a bit depth of 8-bit only. In my opinion, it makes more sense to save your images (with a reproducible scaling) to 8-bit, if it’s only for this purpose. That’ll save you 75% of the space on disk.

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Is the limit also true for Microsoft Word? I.E. it only supports 8-bit images?