Saving DisplayDataOnImage output

In my pipeline, I have a DisplayDataOnImage module that places object numbers on a 32-bit image of a large group of cells (over 5,000 of them). Then I export the DisplayDataOnImage output using the SaveImages module. When the bit-depth chosen for the exported image is 16-bit or 32-bit (preferred choice for me), the result is a hyperstack (3-channel) image. ImageJ of course is “choking” on the 32-bit hyperstack.

My question is: is this a feature or a bug ? Can the saved image result be a single channel 32-bit like I get when I use the SaveImages module to export the output of an OverlayOutlines module ?

Attachments illustrate the selections in each module. Please let me know if more info is needed to replicate.

CellProfiler 2.1.2 rev19da3a8 | MS Windows 8.1 x64 | MS Windows 7 x64


Sorry for the delay, but I didn’t know the answer immediately, so I “punted” on this one for awhile :wink:
Did you get this to work? It’s very possible that saving 32-bit color images has a bug (color, since you are choosing red as the text color). Can you test whether white as text color works? If not, can you post a sample 32-bit, since we don’t often work with them?