Saving classification results of Weka

Dear All,

I am a newbe of ImageJ and just started doing some classification experiments.

I have a specific question on the Trainable Weka Segmentation.
I have successfully classified some images. I have seen that I can display the results and also create probability maps.
However, I would like to save the classification results in order to load them back on the image to contrast/compare results obtained with different classification algorithms/setting.
I actually thought that saving data and then load them on the image I want to classify would have worked, but it seems it does not.
Is it possible to do what I would like? and how should I do that?
anyone can help?

thank you in advance


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Hi @marco.franceschi

It seems that everything you want to do - you can via the Options Panel on the left side of the Trainable Weka Segmentation window.

You can save the classifier… and then load and apply it to other similar images.

Hope this helps !!

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I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean by “save the classification results”. If you mean the resulting image (color-coded segmentation), you can just click on “Create result” and save the image. If you mean the trained classifier, you can save it as @etadobson said, by clicking on “Save classifier” and then load it later to classify new images.

No, saving the data here means saving the traces you made on the input image and their corresponding image features, so you can use them later as extra traces on a different image, or analyze them directly in the Weka Explorer.


Dear Ignacio,

thank you for the prompt reply.

At present what I saw I can do is to save the ROIs and the classification parameters, load them and run the classification again.
I have also seen, as you point out, that I can save the data and load them in the Weka Explorer to anayze them.

What I was wondering is if there is a way to “recall” the results of a previously done classification (the color coded segmentation) and overlay/display them on the image.



Sure, you can do that outside the plugin if you saved the “Classified image”. You only need to select your original training image and add the “Classified image” as an overlay.

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