Saving as PNG gives solid black image - help?

I’m trying to save a greyscale image (currently a tif file) as PNG so that I can import the image into latex. However when I do the image saves as a solid black image (even when used in latex). I’ve tried googling but couldn’t find anything directly related - though I think maybe it is something to do with scaling as when opening the image in MATLAB if I reset the display range I can retrieve the image (although a lot more washed out).
How do I get the image to save as a not all black PNG so that I can import it into latex? I am using Fiji if that is relevant.
Thanks in advance

Just a guess. Convert the image to a 8-bit greyscale. Eventually you image is a 16- or 32-bit image. If you save them as a *.png some applications will display the grey values up to 8-bit (0 - 255). All other values above will be displayed black.

PNG is also specified to display images up to 16-bit for greyscales (Grayscale and alpha = 32-bit) .



Thank you so much! That worked!

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