Saving 16bit single channel tiffs from Nikon

Hi developers,

I am having a problem splitting the channels and saving 16bit single channel tif images acquired with our Nikon micoscope. I saved them as 16bit RGB images and I would like to extract each channel to a separate 16bit tif file so that CPA2’s classifier can read the images. It works fine when saving 8bit->8bit, 16bit->8bit, but 16bit->16bit image saves slow down to over a minute per image. The 8bit saves take 20ms so there is something wrong with this save module. The error message is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:saveBytes. It is complaining about bioformats. I tried the CP2 developers version but that gave an assertion error in bioformats when trying to extract individual channels so I could save them as 16bit tif images.

Hi Derek,

Could you post a sample Nikon image file?