SaveImages saving incorrectly in .mat format


I tried to save the outlines of my identified objects as an image for post-processing in Matlab. When I saved the image in a .mat format, I got a very bizarre results with the correct image miniaturized, and repeated along the vertical axis (see attached file). Is there any way to correct this?
Alternatively, is there a simpler way to export the X&Y coordinates of the outlines of the identified objects? This might be a very useful future.

Thanks for your help!


So you have SaveImages set to “Objects” as the first setting? (Attaching your pipeline is always a good idea so we can avoid guessing.)
And as the Help says for saving Objects in SaveImages: "… Objects are best saved as TIF files. " :wink: We have really kept .mat files as a holdover from when CP was written in Matlab years ago, and for saving images that go beyond our standard 0-1 scale. Having said that, we of course would like to correct any bug that may exist here!

I’m not sure we have tested saving Objects as .mat files, but in any case, the locations of every object are stored in the Per_Object table as “Location_X/Y”. Well, at least search for the string “Location” in the headers of the table in case I don’t have the name fully correct (I think it has the object name too). Or did you really need some visualization of the locations?