SaveImages Quality

Hi again!

I was trying to save an output image from a set of tiff’s to jpeg but have found the quality of the images analysis to be different from the original tiff. I was curious to know to to solve this.

I have attached:
The jpeg image

Could you also attach the original .tiff that was used to create this image?

Yep! Definitely thought it attached.
Pipline.cp (10.3 KB)

Also, I am having a problem trying to separate saturated cells based on intensity. We use 12bit image and anything over 4095, we would like this to be excluded from the data and bin’d into a new subset. Is there anyway to do this? I seem to have to use a value from 0-1, or some sort of ratio value in IdentifyPrimaryObjects.

Thank you again,


Hi Chris,

I believe the issue here is that when saving the output image as JPEG, the library used for saving defaults to a quality setting of 75 (out of a maximum value of 100), which may account for the lower quality that you see.

If you save it as a PNG or TIF, the output image quality improves. Is there any reason you couldn’t be able to use that?


My suggestion here would be identify the objects as you do currently, and then do the following:

  • Use MeasureObjectIntensity to make intensity measurements against the desired channel(s) for all objects.
  • Use FilterObjects to remove objects based on the MaxIntensity measurement with 1 as the maximum allowed value.