Save to DM3 format


I am trying to isolate crystals from a DM3 file and I would like to keep the metadata when exporting.

I literally need to open a DM3 image, circle the crystal with the free selection tool, click ‘‘clear outside’’, then save it as a DM3 with the same metadata. The only problem is that last step.

Is there any way imageJ can do this?

-Charles Fortier

Hello @Charles12,

the Bio-Formats library that is used for opening those files in ImageJ does not support the export to DM3 (see DM3 format details).

You can also use the DM3 Reader plugin to open files.

Both approaches will write the metadata into the Info tag of an image:

All the data in DM3 format images is saved in the form of tags, which must be parsed by the reader. After extracting all of these tags they are copied to the “Info” property which can be accessed in ImageJ by the Image/Show Info menu command.

If you just want to keep your metadata you could export the images to TIFF which stores exactly that information in a header part of the file. Otherwise, I couldn’t find an option to write DM3 files.