Save single objects into image

Hi all,

I would like to save a single object (e.g. cell) into a single image file with the dimensions of the object itself (e.g. 80x80 for a round cell of approx. 80 pixels diameter). Can anyone give me a hint of how to do this? I need this to produce a time-averaged image of a movie of a single moving cell (tracked by the Track Object module).

If it’s not possible, I can try to integrate this (I can program python). Suggestions of how to achieve this are welcome (for example, do you want to have this as a separate module or within the SaveImages module?).

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mathias,

If you know the Label value of the tracked object (that is, the unique ID of the object as assigned by TrackObjects), you can use FilterObjects to filter the original object set by removing all other objects by setting the minimum and maximum value to the Label number. Then, use Crop to crop the image using Object as the cropping shape, the filtered object as the object to crop to, and remove all empty rows and columns.


Thanks a lot! I will try this out soon.

Best regards,