Save results of measureobjectoverlap module

Hi! I am trying to use measureobjectoverlap module to check the overlap between two segmented objects for every image in the pipeline (version 4.06). It works perfectly but I could not find an entry in ExportToSpreadsheet module to save the results (such as Recall) under the either objects that I am comparing. Is there a way to save the measurements from this module? Thanks!


Hi @Mingxi,

Results from MeasureObjectOverlap can be found in the Per_Image tables produced by the export modules. You should be able to find measurements such as Overlap_Recall_Object1_Object2 in the Image CSV files. This may be a bit counter-intuitive, but they appear there because overlap is calculated as the overlap of all objects in each image, rather than the per-object format which the per_object sheets use.

Hope that helps!