Save / Print the whole Interface


I am developping a plugin in which I display results at the end below the Image as follows

The problem is, by using the Print or Save option in ImageJ, I end up with the montage only but not the results as they’re part of the GUI.

So if any of you have an idea, I’d be glad to here it.

If this is just for display purposes you have a bunch of options. One option would be to simply extend the montage image (ImagePlus object) as a customized print option and then draw text below the image montage (your results).

Here an example:

    run("MRI Stack (528K)");
    run("Make Montage...", "columns=6 rows=5 scale=0.50 label");
    run("Canvas Size...", "width=558 height=800 position=Top-Center");
    x=50; y=700;
    setFont("SansSerif" , 16, "antiliased");
    drawString("Here your results:", x, y, "black");

Of course you could also capture the screen (and crop) or capture the ImageWindow.

Hi @Bio7, thanks for your answer, but I don’t find any way to use the

in a Java code so I’ll try to stay on the screenshot I guess.

You can also do this in Java and not as an ImageJ macro. Here an example from the ImageJ source :

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