Save points over series of images

Hi, new user of ImageJ here.

I have a video of a crack propagating. I need to extract (x,y) points where the crack is growing as well as time. I would like to be able to use the “Open Next” option with PointPicker (or a similar plugin) to be able to open a frame, click and save the crack front (x,y) location, move on to the next frame, save the new (x,y), and so on.

As I have is now, I can not open a new image/frame without creating a new text file to save my points to. I want to be able to save points taken from a series of frames to the same text file.


Welcome to the Forum @peasqueeze !!!

Would you be able to post an example dataset for us to better help you?

That would be great.


Ok I am recording every 2 frames in my video at the moment (there are 5 frames in 1 sec; each frame is 0.2s) I can explain my motivations for this if it helps, but I figure that info is irrelevant to my question.

The point I am going to be saving is the ‘newest’ part of the crack line from the dot in the center as the origin.

Simply configure the point selection tool to make your measurements.

Double-click on the point tool to open the options of the point tool and enable “Auto-next slice” and “Auto-measure” to select, measure and move to the next slice.


In the results table simply save the results after your measurements.

For reproducible measurements you could also add the points to the ROI manager and then save the ROI’s for a later measurement, etc.

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