Save Plateviewer images

I am very reluctant to ask :blush: , but I’ve been looking around the manual, the forum and CPA, but I seem not able to find a way to save images from the PlateViewer tool?
All the other Tools have a Save icon in their icon-bar, or a Save option in the menu-bar, but PlateViewer lacks both.


Hi Tom,

You are correct; there is no option to save the PlateViewer image. For the most part, we just snap a screenshot of the window (in Windows, you can use Alt-PrtScn to place an image of the currently selected window to the clipboard).

This is a feature we can certainly add for a future release.


Hi Mark,

Till now I was taking screenshots of the window indeed, though with cmd+shift+4 and then space on my Mac :smile:
Because the feature is added in the other Tools I thought I was overlooking it in PlateViewer.
Thanks for the info.