Save custom metadata with a sequence


to prepare a batch run of a protocol, I would like to screen over the images (batch in protocol) and add a number as metadata to each image. I can use the getMetadata and savemetadata but I don’t see how to edit the metadata. Is there a block to do so or a plugin ? Can I add custom fields to metadata ? I would like to reuse this number later: when batch processing these images, I would like to retrieve this previously saved number as a parameter of the processing protocol.

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Dear Jacques,

Indeed, I can’t find a “Set metadata” block that would do the editing of metadata. @Stephane, is there such a block? If not, how could one do the editing of metadata in a protocol?

I am not sure it is possible to have metadata custom fields in Icy, but you could cheat by changing the name of the image or the names of the channels.

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Hi Jacques,

Indeed there is no block to do ans if the solution proposed by @MarionLouveaux cannot be used in your case (if you need to store decimal value for instance) then here’s a small protocol using javascript block as a workaround to get / set custom property in Sequence:
sequence_property.protocol (4.6 KB)

We will try to provide an easier way to do that in future version of Icy (probably a set/getProperty block as we have for ROI).

Hope that helps.


– Stephane

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I took the javascript option and it works fine for me.
Thank you.

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