Save as animated gif by keeping label and scale bar


Everything is in the title: saving an image stack as animated gif deletes the label and scale bar. Is there a way to avoid that?

Thanks for your help!


Good day Sylvain,

no problem here but perhaps you’ve checked “Overlay” in the “Svale Bar”-dialog. Overlays are saved with TIFF-images only. If you perfer to use “Overlay”, then you need to flatten the images before saving them in GIF-format.



Thanks for your help and your quick reply, Herbie.

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Ahh, thanks Herbie! I ran into this same problem myself, mainly with overlays from roi manager. I assumed they were already rendered as pixel data.

Maybe this is something that could be mentioned in the animated gif or image annotation wiki? Or an option in the gif writer. Just a thought :slight_smile: (@imagejan @iarganda)

Sure! The main purpose of making the ImageJ documentation site a wiki is to allow the contribution of all users and developers, so please, go ahead an edit the animated gif wiki page with that information :wink:


I should have realized I could edit it! Sorry, I didn’t mean to put it on you guys. I will do it when I get back to work :slight_smile: