Satellite Data classification in TIFF



Thank you very much for ImageJ: Such a great tool
Currently I am working on satellite data classification and my image in tiff format. I have classified image through imageJ but I want to save classified image in the tiff format (because its satellite imagery having additional information as well) So i can use that classified image in other software to find out the more information (ArcGis).
But I didn’t found a option to save classified image in tiff format. However it giving the optin to take the snapshot but that is not meaning full.

Thank you in advance.


If you open (and save) a georeferenced *tiff file in ImageJ the spatial information in the *tiff file (header) will be lost.

But you can georeference your classified image again with the georeferenced information of the original file with gdal.

Here a nice cheatsheet for the command line parameters:

Here I found a similar description for ImageJ:

By the way most OpenSource GIS have an action available to georeference a raster from a file, e.g. QGIS internally using GDAL.

I, e.g., use GDAL (from Java) to georeference ImageJ ROI selections for R statistics (or saving georef. files with the rgdal package, etc.), see: