Sand particle reconstruction

Hey Guys,

I’m newbe in this forum and using ImageJ. According to my study I am trying to reconstruct a sand particles based on 310 CT scan images. I was successful to reconstruct the particle in ImageJ but I need to have a STL file from my model. After lots of study and trial an error I export the file based on .OBJ format and the particle is bigger than the real size. Also I tried to export my file from 3D viewer but I always faced tithe error that there is not mesh.
I have gone thorough other comments and try edit> surface and then export STL but it also does not working.
Therefore, I need your expertise guys in this field.


Hi Hessam,

I’m working on 3D reconstruction with CT scan images but not a luck at all, could you share with me how you able to reconstruct the particle successfully in ImageJ?

Thanks in advance.