Sample properties file doesn't work



Hello, I have just installed CellProfiler Analyst, when I open the program it asks for a properties file. I downloaded the sample properties file from the CellProfiler website, so I select that file. Then nothing happens. The program doesn’t start, nothing comes up on my screen…please help, thanks!


Well I didn’t get the sample properties file to run, but i did get a properties file that I created from CellProfiler to at least open up CellProfiler Analyst. However, now I get this:

Logging level: INFO
[MainThread] Connecting to the database…
[MainThread] SQLite file: C:\Users\kholl.MCW_HMGC\Desktop\CellProfiler test\DefaultDB.db
Exception fetching new version information from HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Any ideas?


That error is harmless, sounds like you’re in business!


I can only get the analyst to run property files developed from CellProfiler 2.1.1 and not from 3.0. Basically what I’m trying to do is duplicate a pipeline that I have access to but was developed on CellProfiler 2.1.1. I made a new pipeline in 3.0 with the same modules used in 2.1.1 but I’m getting slightly different images. I wanted to compare the Score All and Score Image results from each verson using CellProfiler Analyst but I can only load the property files from 2.1.1 and not 3.0.


Have you compared the databases and/or properties files output from each version? Is there something obviously different between the two? I’ve gotten the current version of CPA to run CP 3.0 output, so it’s theoretically doable.


If the pipeline is ran on 2.1 (where it was designed), it identifies 2817 objects. If the same exact pipeline (which was designed in 2.1) is ran in 3.0, it identifies 3043 objects. If I run a copy cat of the 2.1 pipeline (same modules but designed in 3.0), it identifies 3043. Based on the image flies, I’m pretty sure the results from the pipeline designed and ran in 2.1 is what I want to see. Would it be in bad taste to just run everything in 2.1?


It’s not bad if that’s what works for you. If you want more functionality in the future you’ll have to tease out the differences and switch, as we no longer support 2.1, but if it’s working for you I’m loath to tell you to upgrade.