Sample Images Not Opening


When I Try opening a sample image on ImageJ on my Mac, they return the error:

“Open URL
Error Loading Image”

It works on my other PC and even a friends Mac, yet his imagej2 install process was no different to mine.

Please can someone help me diagnose this?



Hi @rpbrookes,

to trace this error, it would be very helpful to get some more information such as:

  • Which image are you trying to load?
  • Is the computer properly connected to the internet?
  • Can you open the URL in a browser on that PC?
  • What version of ImageJ (or FIJI?) do you have installed?
  • What operating system version are you running on?


In the latest ImageJ version the URL has changed. See the release notes here:

The ImageJ website ( will soon start using encryption incompatible with Java so sample images and updates are now downloaded from and URLs used to open images and text files are redirected to

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So you believe it’s just a matter of updating?

Eventually yes. But I had also situations were the server simply did not respond for a certain time.
However we can double check by adding an URL to the open URL action for both.


Thanks for your responses - they were so helpful!

I’ve now fixed the issue by changing the version of ImageJ I was using; uninstalling the previous version (which I believe was bundled with Java 1.6) and reinstalling ImageJ with Java 1.8 included sorted it.

Thanks for pointing out that the link has moved too.



Hey, I am facing the same problem. I tried deleting and reinstalling but it did not work.
I use Windows 10 on my HP laptop.

Can you help fixing this problem?