Running Napari from a Jupyter notebook on a remote host

Hello, we are interested in visualizing decoded spots from starfish (MERFISH example dataset) with Napari from a Jupyter notebook being run on a remote cluster. I understand that running Napari from a remote host is not yet an officially supported feature, but I was curious if anyone has a workaround that can achieve this?


You can have a look at this repository that runs on Binder (on a Linux machine). It uses VNC and XFCE to display napari in a remote desktop. It’s based on this repository and apparently there’s a more recent version of the general solution to have a remote desktop via Jupyter here. Beware that this is very experimental.

If you need more information on how all this works on a technical level, you could also post questions on the Jupyter forum.


Hi @noor01,
Thank you for raising this issue. @sofroniewn: Could this information be added to the current napari installation info? I tried for an hour to install it on my remote machine :wink: I am sure that more users might run into problem due to remote work during Corona.
Best, Ulrike


Yes we should do that, I just mentioned in an issue adding a “known issues” or “troubleshooting” guide to our install doc, though maybe this is so important it deserves it’s own section

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