Running multiple instances of ImageJ with Java 8 enabled



There is a patch now that addresses many aspects of this issue:

On my macOS machine it now works to do the following in terminal A:

ImageJ-macosx -Dscijava.log.level:net.imagej.legacy=debug -- --force-single-instance -port2 --ij2 --open aPicture.jpg

And then from terminal B:

ImageJ-macosx -Dscijava.log.level:net.imagej.legacy=debug -- --force-single-instance --port2 --ij2 --open anotherPicture.jpg

And anotherPicture.jpg opens in the Fiji from terminal A. Conversely, if you pass --forbid-single-instance, the second Fiji will always stick, with single instance logic completely suppressed. See the commit and javadoc for more details. Feedback welcome.