Running ImageJ within MATLAB



I edited the section Running ImageJ within MATLAB and here some thoughts and questions.

  1. The method IJM.importDataset mentioned in the original does not exist for ImageJ-MATLAB 0.7.2. Also the example just below uses IJM.getDatasetAs instead. So, to make sense of it, I replaced IJM.importDataset with IJM.getDatasetAs.
  2. How can I add a screenshot to this page? I wanted to add a screenshot of ImageJ to give an idea of what happens. ------ SOLVED
  3. The paragraph “Additionally, the Scripting-MATLAB library also includes …” is unclear. I don’t quite understand what Scripting-MATLAB actually does. This paragraph mention IJM, which is short of net.imagej.matlab.ImageJMATLABCommands class, but it appears that it’s part of imagej-matlab rather than Scripting-MATLAB. (See Is IJM (net.imagej.matlab.ImageJMATLABCommands) dependent on Scripting-MATLAB???

Cannot run ImageJ.m from MATLAB with Java 1.8

As to Q2, Once you’re logged in, at the bottom of a web page, you’ll see TOOLS > Upload File and you add images from there.


After logging in to the wiki (using https:// is recommended), you will see an Upload file link at the bottom of each page. Upload an image, and then reference it in the wiki markup like [[File:myimage.png|300px]]. See Help:Images for details.

For the ImageJ-MATLAB-related questions (1) and (3), I invited @hinerm, the maintainer of that project, to respond here. If you don’t hear back within a few days, feel free to ping again here and I’ll try to find time to dig in and investigate and respond.


In such cases, I use material from and MathWorks. If it doesn’t, then it’s better to go to and find a specialist who can explain the incomprehensible moments and help with the specific assignments related to the MATLAB software shell.