Running Fiji on MacOS

Hi there,

I just installed Fiji on my Mac and when I click on it to run, the icon appears in the Dock and after a couple of seconds disappears without opening the application. I tried to open Fiji through command line and I get this error: Unable to find any JVMs matching version “1.8+”. Also my MacOSX version is 10.6.

Does anyone have an idea why Fiji is not opening on my Mac?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


Hi Kia.
I am not sure as things move fast nowadays with Fiji and Java, but installing java 1.8 might be a good idea.

The current download of Fiji comes bundled with Java 8. The error message (Unable to find any JVMs matching version "1.8+") is very likely harmless, and a red herring here.

Did you try running from the console in debug mode? It is likely to yield a lot more information about what is going wrong.

DEBUG=1 /Applications/

Hello Kia,

If you have an older version of java on your machine, you can try loading Fiji as explained here: