Running Fiji on CentOS shows NO interface

Hi everyone,

I recently started using a workstation with a CentOS 7 system.
I downloaded the latest Fiji version with Java 8 from here Fiji/Downloads - ImageJ
However, when I start Fiji, the splash screen pops up with white color (instead of blue) and the rest of the GUI interaction is also white or blank.

I have tried installing 2017 Fiji that uses Java 8 and the no-jre version, but both do not work.
2017 Fiji has the same issue as the latest version.
The no-jre Fiji doesn’t even launch using the local jdk, which I have tried to switch among openjdk1.8.0.282,,
I have also tried launching Fiji with Oracle JDK 8, but still the same issue.

When I launch Fiji with Java 6, it shows a still-white-colored splash screen but a colored GUI interface.
However, the fonts are funky.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The issue has been solved.
The solution is here if anyone else has the same problem.