Running deeplabcut.load_demo_data() with demo data in google colab generates lineterminator error

I have been trying out the openfield-Pranav-2018-10-30 example dataset in Google Colab. Last week, I have gotten this test notebook to run, but for some reason, I am now getting a lineterminator error.

I was trying to think of what might have changed between the first time I ran this notebook till now. The only thing that is coming to mind so far is that I deleted the example directory from my Google Drive (to conserve space) and later re-uploaded it.

Is there something I did wrong with file paths?

Thank you for the help

it’s possible the path changed, and you need to update the config.yaml project path variable

Thank you for the suggestion. I went and checked all my file paths more carefully.

I realized that where the notebook wants you to change directories into your Google Drive folder, that it needed to be into the directory containing the ‘openfield-Pranav-2018-10-30’ folder.

So, the example code reads:
%cd /content/drive/My Drive

but I needed to change it to:
%cd /content/drive/My Drive/DeepLabCut

because my path_config_file = ‘/content/drive/My Drive/DeepLabCut/openfield-Pranav-2018-10-30/config.yaml’

so that deeplabcut could be imported into the correct directory.

Thank you for your help!