Running cell profiler on an intel mac



We are currently trying to get cell profiler running and I was hoping theese boards could answer a few questions. First, is cell profiler currently working on the new Intel macs? This is relevant as our lab runs mostly intel macs and one PC.

When I try to run the program, I am able to open the gui, but the terminal indicates that the Java Virtual Machine can’t start:

    "Java for */ppc/* cannot run in this configuration."

When loading a picture and trying to analyze, it indicates the problem with Java and displays several exceptions:

    "Failed to start the Java Virtual machine - JNI error: -1."
    "Warning: Disabling Java Support"
    "Error in ==> mltimerpackage at 9"

If it is possible it would be helpful to run the program on the intel macs - if not, I can understand that this might require quite a bit of code.

Thank you for your help everyone, I’m excited to get the software up and running.



Hi John,

The compiled software will only work on platforms that it has specifically been built for. In this case, the compiled binaries on our website are not compiled on the Intel Mac platform. We are working on this and will release it as soon as possible.



Hi Mike,

I’ve since downloaded the updated binary and wanted to swing by and thank you for your efforts in getting this up and running on our macs.