Running batch macro in VSI files



Hey there.
Im trying to run a batch macro on my VSI files. I use olympus viewer to view them on ImageJ but I cant seem to get the batch run to work, it keeps saying: Open TIFF: ImageJ cannot open TIFF files compressed in this fashion (7). Do I need to convert them to TIFF files, and if so can i do that in a batch as well?

Thank you


Good day,

can you open such images by hand in ImageJ, i.e. without a macro?
(Most compressed TIF-files can’t be opened by plain ImageJ.)

If not, please try Bio-Formats that may be called from within a macro.




Yes I can open the VSI files with olympus viewer. I made a macro using that extension but it still doesnt seem to work.


I meant plain ImageJ.

The .vsi file I have at hand can be opened by plain ImageJ. No plugin required.

From where did you download the Olympus Viewer?

Can you upload a test image that doesn’t work for you to make it accessible for tests.
(The Forum doesn’t accept image files of this type.)




Have you got solution to open it? Currently I am facing same problem