Run *.m inside FIJI/Imagej

Hej all,
for one of my analyses, I am running a batch process on a folder within FIJI. Afterwards, I need to run a MATLAB script in the newly created subfolder. Since I need to share my files with my group now, I would like to combine these two scripts (since they use the same variables anyways) and I would like to just call the MATLAB script at the end of the ImageJ script. However, I can not find the correct adressing to run an *.m file within an *.ijm file? I am hoping you might save my weekend.

I tried the following:

run("MATLABScript.m"); (which only opens the *.m file in the editor)
runMacro("MATLABScript.m"); (which will run the *.m file but use IJMacro language for it)
call("", "MATLABScript.m"); (which only opens the *.m file in the editor)
eval("MATLABScript.m"); (which doesnt recognize that I am calling a script but claims the variable "C:\" is not defined)