[Run > Install Macro] in script editor disappeared?

Hi @ctrueden,

With “IJ1 Macro” selected as using language, I cannot find [Run > Install Macro] menu item anymore in the script editor. Is this due to some decision, or a temporal disappearance?


Digging through the Git history of fiji/Script_Editor and imagej/imagej-ui-swing, it looks like that feature was not ported over when Johannes migrated the Script Editor into ImageJ2 core.

So it is gone now. I am sure there was some rationale—perhaps the Plugins :arrow_forward: Macros :arrow_forward: Install… command does the same thing? I cannot comment further at the moment, since my brain is not currently warmed up regarding all the various plugin/macro installation options. If this is really a serious impediment to working with ImageJ, we can dig in further. See also imagej/imagej-ui-swing#44.

Thanks for reply @ctrueden!

I came up this issue while I was proof reading a textbook, and as that lost menu item has been quite a convenient item during teaching. Many students get excited to know that one could directly add a custom menu item in ImageJ directly from script editor. One could also install a macro but this needs a step of saving the macro file… So if the “install” command is lost from the script editor, I have to rewrite that part.

I looked at the code and to me it looks like a simple adding back of the deleted code, but would there be further difficulties? I think “refresh menu” is not working in ImageJ2 / Fiji these days, and that probably might also affect dynamically inserting new menu item?

If it is indeed simple, I will try adding back the deleted code and push it to the github. What do you think? If you think its doable, I will add a short note in the textbook that “this function is temporarily disabled”