Run failure with regular expression which includes number in the text

I am trying to use a regular experssion that will load images from a specific plate row, e.g:
On file names such as this one: r09c03f01p01-ch3sk1fk1fl1.tif
The following regular expression should select only those of row 9:

However, when trying to run this I get: “The pipeline did not identify any image sets”.

No run error when using the regular expression:
What regular expression do I need in order to select specific rows and cols? e.g all images in row 7-10 out of 16 possible rows?

Thanks in advance,

To get row 9 only, you’d do ^r09c(?P[0-9]{2})f(?P[0-9]{2})p[0-9]{2}-ch(?P[0-9])sk(?P\d+). A good regexp editor that I use for these sort of things is here.

I don’t think this approach is going to give you what you want though- if you only want to load certain images, use the filtering criteria built into the Images module to only pull out the rows or columns that you care about and are going to be processed downstream. See screenshot below.

That definitely solved my problem!

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