Rules list



Hello again,

i’ve got two questions about the generation of the rules lists:

(i) what does the following statement mean:

IF(CELLS_TEXTURE_CORRELATION_CROPGM_3>0.8343989849090576, -0.9545015347202196, 0.5839019061799969)

I understand the first part, but what are the two last numbers?

(ii) do you have a reference for implemented method (i.e. gentle boosting to weak learners)?!



I’m not a developer, but I’ve played with this feature… from what I remember I think it’s (condition, score if true, score if false), and the scores from each rule are summed. Maybe.


in fact, after reading the original papers, i came to the same conclusion :smile:



The ‘IF’ statement (like every “rule” in CPA) is a MySQL command. From … tions.html:

If expr1 is TRUE (expr1 <> 0 and expr1 <> NULL) then IF() returns expr2; otherwise it returns expr3.”

And yes, these are summed via MySQL when you score your images. See the command window for the exact MySQL command.

Hope this helps, but it sounds like you already have it figured out!