Row numbers disappeared from Resulttable in Fiji

One of the users of the SpotIntensity plugin noted that after a recent Fiji update the rownumbers in the Resultstable disappeared. I can confirm that rownumbers are shown in ImageJ 1.49h, but not in an up to date Fiji (ImageJ 1.52e). Is this a change only in Fiji or also in ImageJ proper? Some people seem to like these numbers, so is there an option to show them again (maybe even by default)?

Good day Nico!

a 1.52a regression that caused imported Results tables to be displayed without row numbers.

Things should work as expected with versions 1.52b and newer.

BTW the current version is 1.52f.



Thanks Herbie!

Updating Fiji… Updates ij.jar to 1.52f… Ran the Spot Analysis plugin. Still no row numbers;)

The command “Analyze” > “Measure” yields a Results table that has row numbers.

The SpotIntensity Analysis plugin basically runs something like:

ResultsTable res = new ResultsTable();
res.addValue(“x”, 67);
res.addValue(“y”, 200);
res.setValue(0.0, 1947);;

Any ideas how to get row numbers back (other than to write them in the code)?

Sorry to hear this …

What I’ve reported is from the ImageJ-release notes:

No idea if Fiji treats Results tables differently via ImageJ-2.

Perhaps someone in the know chimes in.




Isn’t there a call results table update?

just after
ResultsTable res = new ResultsTable();

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I also saw a similar problem with people attending ImageJ workshop using Fiji. Here is a Jython code to show the row numbers in the Results table.

from ij.measure import ResultsTable

res = ResultsTable.getResultsTable()

Only several people among all had this problem (all were with the latest updates). There might be a plugin that might hide the row number column commonly used by those with the problem- just a guess.