[RoiManager] show selected ROIs

Hi to all,
maybe already replied but I surfed mailing lists and Forum and didnt find.
I want to select only some ROIs and show (not draw) them on an Image.
Is it already possible?
Essentially, I would like the same behavior of the checkbox show all but that displays only the selected ROIs and not all the ROIs.
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One way to achieve this is to add the selected ROIs to the image overlay.

Here’s a small Groovy script that does this by looping through the indices of selected ROIs:

import ij.IJ;
import ij.plugin.frame.RoiManager;

rm = RoiManager.getInstance();
selected = rm.getSelectedIndexes();

imp = IJ.getImage();

for (index in selected) {
    IJ.run(imp, "Add Selection...", "");

IJ.run(imp, "Select None", "");
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I tried that way, but is it possible to remove selections from image?
Maybe, I am wronging but i cant remove them… otherewise when I use “show all” they are putted in a no destructive way.
I see now an “overlay” API so maybe I need to use it.

Thank you,

@emartini Overlays are non-destructive. Try the commands in the Image > Overlay submenu.

OK resolved via Overlay API.

Thank you @imagejan