ROI Saving Problem

Hi All.
I’m having an issue saving some of my ROIs. After opening an existing ROI and running the “Enlarge” command, I then add the newly generated ROI to the manager and try to save it. Everything seems to run fine, except when I go back to reopen the saved ROI, the ROI is completely different from the original. This is true whether I’m saving using a macro or if I’m manually clicking the ROI manager and saving. It also doesn’t happen to every ROI, just some of them. I’ve attached a couple images to illustrate:

Original ROI

Saved ROI

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @cushier

Welcome to the Forum!

So… I was unable to reproduce your error… though perhaps I am not doing the same exact steps you are? Can you post here exactly, step-by-step what you are doing? Also - if you can post the macro you created along with an image to test it on - would be great.

Then we can see about solving this issue…

eta :slight_smile: