ROI Measurement of MRI Images of lumar spine



I am not really experienced with ImageJ so far, but I am pretty sure, that ImageJ is capable of what I have in mind for my project. So far I got stuck and I could not find a solution how to continue, I hope someone can help me here.

I have several MRI Images of lumbar spines and I would like to do some measurements on them in a specific way.

What I have in mind is that I would like to divide a intervertebral disc into five rectangular equally sized segments in a sagittal view to measure the signal intensity values in these five divided regions from the front to the back of the disc. So the ROIs need to lie next to each other.
So how can I copy these five rectangular ROIs and move them to the right position?
And how can I mark all five ROIs to rotate them exactly along the intervertebral disc?
I was thinking about moving all five ROIs from disc to disc and measure each one. Is that possible or do you think it might be better to copy the whole block of ROIs and move them pasted over the next disc?
And at last how can I save the ROIs as kind of an overlay for the next images of a lumar spine, so I do not have to do it all over again.
Has anyone an idea to do this in a more automatic way?

Help would be really appreciated! Thank you already!



Good day Laura,

from what you write, I think everything should be possible with ImageJ and ImageJ macros.

Please study the ImageJ user guide
and learn how to write ImageJ macros

Furthermore, it would be helpful to see typical images in TIF- or PNG-format and corresponding images that show how you would like to see the ROI arrangements.