ROI manager multi-plot data manipulation




Is there a method to obtain a profile (using macro), and also to manipulate the set of arrays obtained from the profile?

I know that I can use the ROI manager to obtain the multi-plot, but I want to be able to manipulate the data obtained.


Dear @limellama,

There is a built-in function in the macro language to obtain the intensity values of a profile in form of an array:

Runs Analyze>Plot Profile (without displaying the plot) and returns the intensity values as an array. For an example, see the GetProfileExample macro. See also: Plot.getValues().

Also, take a look at the documentation of Plot Profile to see if that’s what you are actually looking for: the intensities of the profile for rectangles are column averages.

What exactly do you mean by “manipulate”? You can do all the operations possible with arrays on the returned ones.



Sorry for the late reply, @stelfrich,

What I’m hoping to achieve is to automatically save the profile data into a .csv file. So it would be equivalent the following manual procedure:

ROI Manager >> More >> Multi Plot >> Save… >> Save as desired file name @ desired location.

#Edit: I found out that this does the job.

saveAs(“Results”, “path/filename.csv”);