Roi manager List function macro

Hey all,
Quick easy question, how do I get a macro to automatically save the list from the roi manager? For clarification, here’s what I’m talking about,Capture

hi @mdl54

Have you seen the Macro Recorder? I just ran the following steps with the macro recorder running, hit Create, and then ran it again through the script editor and it seems to do the trick (presumably as long as there are no other results tables open).

//-- Make a test image
newImage("Untitled", "8-bit noise", 512, 512, 1);
//-- Populate the ROI manager
makeRectangle(99, 45, 161, 70);
makeRectangle(308, 252, 65, 114);
makeRectangle(79, 329, 127, 72);
//-- Deselect everything
run("Select None");
//-- Create the ROI manager Overlay list
//-- Save the results
saveAs("Results", "C:/Users/user/Desktop/Overlay Elements.csv");

Hope that helps!