ROI manager editing for label and numbering

I am relatively new to ImageJ and creating and using macros in imagej. Infact havent used a single macro till now.

I have an image with a set of circles arranged in hexagonal array. I am using ‘Analyse Particles’ to get the data from the circles like mean grey value and x,y position etc in the ROI manager using a mask that i have created separately. It all work well. But…

I want the labels to start from ‘0’ instead of ‘1’ i.e. to be saved in the csv file starting from 0, 1, 2…127 etc.
I also want the roi manager to start counting the selected circular region (and labels) from the bottom left corner and increment with change in y co-ordinate till the end to top right corner. (right now it starts from top left corner and increments to bottom right corner)
Is there a way to do this. I thought may be a macro has to be used.